CNUP: Center for Neuroscience

Cell and Molecular

Elias Aizenman
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection.
Kathryn M. Albers
Growth factors and sensory neuron function in pain and nerve injury.
German Barrionuevo
Synaptic integration and plasticity in hippocampal area CA3.
Alison Barth
Plasticity in developing and adult neocortex.
Sarah B. Berman
Mitochondria in neurodegeneration
Charleen T. Chu
Mitochondrial homeostasis, dendritic remodeling and autophagy in neurodegeneration.
Kenneth N. Fish
Functional consequences of altered connectivity in schizophrenia; the early secretory pathway’s role in neurodevelopment and synaptogenesis
J. Timothy Greenamyre
Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.
Howard G. Gutstein
The molecular mechanisms underlying the development of opioid tolerance and dependence and the interactions of pain and analgesic signaling.
Gregg E. Homanics
Mechanism(s) of alcohol action.
Bryan M. Hooks
Organization of mouse cortical circuitry underlying control of movement
John P. Horn
Synaptic computation and neuromodulation in catecholaminergic neurons
Yanhua Huang
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying drug addiction and sleep regulation of reward.
Tija C. Jacob
Regulation of GABAergic inhibition in development and mental disorders
Jon W. Johnson
Biophysics, pharmacology, regulation, and structure of glutamate receptors.
Adam Kwiatkowski
Regulation of actin network organization at cell-cell contacts.
Edwin S. Levitan
Control of transmitter release by electrical and biochemical signaling.
Colleen A. McClung
The molecular basis of psychiatric diseases.
Stephen D. Meriney
Regulation and modulation of presynaptic ion channels and transmitter release in healthy and diseased synapses.
Quasar S. Padiath
Gene identification and molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative and demyelinating disorders
Michael J. Palladino
Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.
Udai Pandey
Molecular mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases
Ian F. Pollack
Signal transduction pathways in glioma growth, molecular markers of glioma prognosis.
Sarah E. Ross
Functional Organization of Spinal Somatosensory Circuits
Oliver Schluter
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of physiological and pathophysiological synaptic plasticity
Rebecca P. Seal
Studies of neural plasticity in motor disorders and the neural circuits underlying touch and pain.
Alexander Sorkin
Cell and molecular biology of dopamine transporter
Thanos Tzounopoulos
Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of normal and pathological hearing
Yan Xu
Gene and stem cell therapy in brain ischemia/membrane protein structure by NMR.