CNUP: Center for Neuroscience

Areas Of Concentration - Auditory System

Susanne E. Ahmari
Circuit dynamics underlying pathology and treatment of compulsive behaviors and anxiety disorders
Brent Doiron
Theoretical investigations of the impact of neural variability on sensory processing.
Christopher Donnelly
The molecular pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Frontotemporal Dementia and similar age-dependent neurodegenerative diseases.
Omar A. El Gharbawie
Organization of the parietal-frontal network that controls reaching and grasping.
Howard G. Gutstein
The molecular mechanisms underlying the development of opioid tolerance and dependence and the interactions of pain and analgesic signaling.
Lori L. Holt
Auditory cognitive neuroscience, with a focus on spoken language
Karl Kandler
Development and plasticity of inhibitory circuits.
Adam Kwiatkowski
Regulation of actin network organization at cell-cell contacts.
Beatriz Luna
Brain basis underlying underlying neurocognitive development through adolescence. Multimodal approaches (fMRI, rsfMRI, MRSI, DTI, MEG, and PET) and analyses are used.
Quasar S. Padiath
Gene identification and molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative and demyelinating disorders
Udai Pandey
Molecular mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases
Mary L. Phillips
Identifying neural circuitry problems that underlie abnormal emotion processing in adults and youth with mood disorders
Maria E. Rubio
Ultrastructure and the chemical nature of the tripartite synapse
Coroline Runyan
Imaging and manipulating cells and circuits to understand population coding across the cortical hierarchy
Srivatsun Sadagopan
The perception of vocal communication sounds in realistic listening conditions
Oliver Schluter
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of physiological and pathophysiological synaptic plasticity
Mary Torregrossa
Determining developmental risk factors for addiction and novel treatments based on learning and memory systems.
Gelsy Torres-Oviedo
Neuromechanical mechanisms for locomotor learning in humans with and without neurological disorders.
Thanos Tzounopoulos
Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of normal and pathological hearing
Timothy Verstynen
Neural basis of action planning, decision-making and skill learning.