CNUP: Center for Neuroscience

Summer Undergraduate Program:
Training Faculty

Susanne E. Ahmari, M.D., Ph.D.
Circuit dynamics underlying pathology and treatment of compulsive behaviors and anxiety disorders

Elias Aizenman, Ph.D.
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection.

Kathryn M. Albers, Ph.D.
Growth factors and sensory neuron function in pain and nerve injury.

Carey D. Balaban, Ph.D.
Anatomy, neurophysiology, and neurochemistry of vestibular function.

German Barrionuevo, M.D.
Synaptic integration and plasticity in hippocampal area CA3.

Alison Barth, Ph.D.
Plasticity in developing and adult neocortex.

Aaron Batista, PhD
Sensory-motor integration and neural prosthetics

Marlene Behrmann, Ph.D.
Visual cognition in normal and brain-damaged humans.

Sarah B. Berman, M.D. Ph.D.
Mitochondria in neurodegeneration

Edward A. Burton, D.Phil. M.D.
The pathogenesis of diseases associated with movement disorders and the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

Judy L. Cameron, Ph.D.
Effects of ‘everyday life stresses’ on behavior and health.

Jun Chen, M.D.
Mechanisms of cell death and neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia and Parkinson's disease.

Charleen T. Chu, M.D. Ph.D.
Mitochondrial homeostasis, dendritic remodeling and autophagy in neurodegeneration.

Brian M. Davis, Ph.D.
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of central and peripheral nervous system development and plasticity.

Donald B. DeFranco, Ph.D.
Glucocorticoid Regulation of Neurodevelopment.

C. Edward Dixon, Ph.D.
Mechanisms of post-traumatic memory deficits, models of traumatic brain injury, and functional outcomes.

Brent Doiron, Ph.D.
Theoretical investigations of the impact of neural variability on sensory processing.

Yan Dong, Ph.D.
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying pathological neural plasticity

G. Bard Ermentrout, Ph.D.
Applications of mathematics to biological systems.

Julie A. Fiez, Ph.D.
Neuroimaging and behavioral studies of language, working memory, motivation, and learning.

Kenneth N. Fish, Ph.D.
Functional consequences of altered connectivity in schizophrenia; the early secretory pathway’s role in neurodevelopment and synaptogenesis

Neeraj J. Gandhi, Ph.D.
Neural basis of sensorimotor integration and cognition

Omar A. El Gharbawie, PhD
Organization of the parietal-frontal network that controls reaching and grasping.

Peter J. Gianaros, Ph.D.
Imaging neuroscience studies of stressful experiences and cardiovascular disease risk.

Aryn H. Gittis, PhD
Neural circuits in the basal ganglia involved in motor control and disease

Michael S. Gold, Ph.D.
Peripheral mechanisms of pain.

Anthony A. Grace, Ph.D.
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia system related to psychiatric disorders.

Steven H. Graham, Ph.D. M.D.
Neuronal cell death in ischemia and trauma.

J. Timothy Greenamyre, M.D. Ph.D.
Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.

Howard G. Gutstein, MD
The molecular mechanisms underlying the development of opioid tolerance and dependence and the interactions of pain and analgesic signaling.

Teresa G. Hastings, Ph.D.
Oxidative mechanisms associated with neurodegeneration.

Gregg E. Homanics, Ph.D.
Mechanism(s) of alcohol action.

Bryan M. Hooks, PhD
Organization of mouse cortical circuitry underlying control of movement

Charles C. Horn, Ph.D.
Neurobiology of nausea and vomiting.

John P. Horn, Ph.D.
Synaptic computation and neuromodulation in catecholaminergic neurons

Yanhua Huang, Ph.D.
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying drug addiction and sleep regulation of reward.

Jon W. Johnson, Ph.D.
Biophysics, pharmacology, regulation, and structure of glutamate receptors.

Karl Kandler, Ph.D.
Development and plasticity of inhibitory circuits.

Robert E. Kass, Ph.D.
Statistical analysis of neural data.

Anthony E. Kline, Ph.D.
Pharmacological and environmental approaches for neurobehavioral and histological recovery after experimental traumatic brain injury.

H. Richard Koerber, Ph.D.
Development, plasticity and pain processing in sensory neurons and in the spinal dorsal horn.

Sandra J. Kuhlman, PhD
Influence of cortical inhibitory circuits on sensory development and perceptual learning.

Adam Kwiatkowski, PhD
Regulation of actin network organization at cell-cell contacts.

Cynthia Lance-Jones, Ph.D.
Motoneuron development and spinal cord patterning.

Tai Sing Lee, Ph.D
Computational and electrophysiological study of visual perception, perceptual organization, neural plasticity and neural coding; computer vision.

Edwin S. Levitan, Ph.D.
Control of transmitter release by electrical and biochemical signaling.

David A. Lewis, MD
Functional architecture of the prefrontal cortex and schizophrenia

Laura E. Lillien, Ph.D.
CNS stem cells.

Beatriz Luna, Ph.D.
Brain basis underlying underlying neurocognitive development through adolescence. Multimodal approaches (fMRI, rsfMRI, MRSI, DTI, MEG, and PET) and analyses are used.

Colleen A. McClung, Ph.D.
The molecular basis of psychiatric diseases.

Stephen D. Meriney, Ph.D.
Regulation and modulation of presynaptic ion channels and transmitter release in healthy and diseased synapses.

Paul W. Munro, Ph.D.
Adaption, learning, and plasticity in simulated neural networks.

Carl R. Olson, Ph.D.
Cortical mechanisms of cognition in primates.

Anne-Marie Oswald, Ph.D.
Contributions of cortical microcircuit properties to information processing and coding in the olfactory system.

Quasar S. Padiath, PhD
Gene identification and molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative and demyelinating disorders

Michael J. Palladino, Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.

Mary L. Phillips, MD, MD (Cantab)
Identifying neural circuitry problems that underlie abnormal emotion processing in adults and youth with mood disorders

Ian F. Pollack, M.D.
Signal transduction pathways in glioma growth, molecular markers of glioma prognosis.

Sarah E. Ross, Ph.D.
Functional Organization of Spinal Somatosensory Circuits

Jonathan Rubin, Ph.D.
Theoretical and computational modeling of dynamics in neuronal networks.

Maria E. Rubio, M.D., Ph.D.
Ultrastructure and the chemical nature of the tripartite synapse

Coroline Runyan, Ph.D.
Imaging and manipulating cells and circuits to understand population coding across the cortical hierarchy

Srivatsun Sadagopan, Ph.D.
The perception of vocal communication sounds in realistic listening conditions

Andrew B. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Cerebral basis for volitional movement and cortical neural prosthetics.

Rebecca P. Seal, Ph.D.
Studies of neural plasticity in motor disorders and the neural circuits underlying touch and pain.

Susan R. Sesack, Ph.D.
Functional neuroanatomy of cortical and brainstem monoamine systems.

Matthew A. Smith, Ph.D.
Cortical circuits and population codes that underlie visual perception

Alexander Sorkin, Ph.D.
Cell and molecular biology of dopamine transporter

Peter L. Strick, Ph.D.
CNS circuits of motor and cognitive functions; motor skill acquisition and retention; functional imaging.

Dandan Sun, M.D. Ph.D.
Ion transporters in neurological diseases.

Alan F. Sved, Ph.D.
Central neural control of the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular function; neurobiology of nicotine pharmacology.

Robert A. Sweet, M.D.
Mechanisms of psychosis in Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

Michael Tarr, Ph.D.
High-level vision and categorization in humans

Mary Torregrossa, PhD
Determining developmental risk factors for addiction and novel treatments based on learning and memory systems.

Robert S. Turner, Ph.D.
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia-cortical networks in health and disease.

Thanos Tzounopoulos, Ph.D.
Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of normal and pathological hearing

Nathaniel N. Urban, Ph.D.
Physiology imaging and computation in the olfactory system.

Timothy Verstynen, Ph.D.
Neural basis of action planning, decision-making and skill learning.

Amy K. Wagner, M.D.
The impact of gender and changes in neurochemistry on rehabilitation and treatment outcomes after traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Clayton A. Wiley, M.D. Ph.D.
Examining mechanisms of neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, AIDS, West Nile Virus and influenza infection.

Yan Xu, Ph.D.
Gene and stem cell therapy in brain ischemia/membrane protein structure by NMR.

Bill J. Yates, Ph.D.
Vestibular influences on autonomic control and navigation.

Michael J. Zigmond, Ph.D.
Cell death and neuroprotection in aging and neurodegenerative disease.