Graduate Student

Lindsey Snyder

Room: E1402 Biomedical Science Tower
Phone: 412-624-8182
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Ross

Prior Degree:

BS, Allegheny College(2010)


Understanding the neural circuits underlying pain and itch sensation in the spinal cord dorsal horn.


Kardon, A., Polgar, E., Hachisuka, J., Snyder, L.M., Cameron, D., Savage, S., Cai, X., Karnup, S., Fan, C., Hemenway, G., Bernard, C., Schwartz, E.S., Nagase, H., Watanabe, M., Furuta, T., Kaneko, T., Todd, A.J. and Ross, S.E. Dynorphin acts as a neuromodulator to inhibit itch in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. Neuron, 2014 (submitted).