Graduate Student

Nathan Glasgow

Room: 460 Crawford Hall
Phone: 412-624-4299
Mentor: Dr. Jon Johnson

Prior Degree:

BS, University of Toledo(2010)


Functional dynamics of NMDA receptor pharmacology and gating.


Glasgow, N.G. and Johnson, J.W. Whole-cell patch-clamp analysis of recombinant NMDA receptor pharmacology using brief glutamate applications. In Martina M and Taverna S (ed) Patch-Clamp Methods and Protocols. 2nd edn, Springer, New York (2014, in press).

Chen, M., Glasgow N.G., Gibson, G., Yang, X., Shiber, C.E., Nasonkin, I., Funderburgh, J., Watkins, S., Shuman, J.S., Johnson, J.W., and Liu, H. Lgr5+ amacrine interneurons define mammalian adult retinal stem cells (submitted).

Clarke, R.J., Glasgow, N.G. and Johnson, J.W. Mechanistic and structural determinants of NMDA receptor voltage-dependent gating and slow Mg2+ unblock. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(9): 4140-50, 2013.