Gabriel Koch Ocker, Ph.D.

Graduated: December, 2015
Mentor: Dr. Brent Doiron
Thesis: Formation of structure in cortical networks through spike timing-dependent plasticity
Current Position: Scientist, Allen Brain Institute, Seattle, WA
Prior Degree: BA Oberlin College (2010)


Ocker, G.K. and Doiron, B. Kv7 Channels Regulate Pairwise Spiking Covariability in Health and Disease. J. Neurosci. 2014, (submitted).

Coggan, J.S., Ocker, G.K., Sejnowski, T.J. and Prescott, S.A. Explaining pathological changes in axonal excitability through dynamical analysis of conductance-based models. J. Neural Enj. 8: 065002, 2011