Rashed Harun, Ph.D.

Graduated: December, 2015
Mentor: Dr. Amy Wagner
Thesis: A Framework For Characterizing Regional Alterations In Dopamine Neurotransmission In The Context Of Drugs And Disease Using Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry
Current Position:
Prior Degree: BS University of Pittsburgh (2008)


Wagner, A.K., Sokoloski, J.E., Chen, X., Harun, R., Clossin, D.P., Khan, A.S., Michael, A.C. and Dixon, C.E. Controlled Cortical Impact Injury Influence Methylphenidate Induced Changes in Striatal Dopamine Neurotransmission. Accepted J Neurochemistry.

Wagner, A.K., Drewencki, L., Chen, X., Santos, F.R., Khan, A.S., Harun, R., Torres, G., Michael, A.C. and Dixon, C.E. Chronic Methylphenidate Treatment Enhances Striatal Dopamine Neurotransmission After Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury. J Neurochem, 108: 986-997, 2009.