Daniel Jimenez, Ph.D.

Graduated: December 2012
Mentor: Dr. Nathan Urban
Thesis: Competitive activity-dependent survival and integration of adult-born neurons in the mouse olfactory bulb
Current Position: Management Consultant McKinsey & Company
Prior Degree: BS Carnegie Mellon University (2004)


Bagley, J., LaRocca, G., Jimenez, D.A. and Urban, N.N. Adult neurogenesis and specific replacement of interneuron subtypes in the mouse main olfactory bulb. BMC Neuroscience 8:92, 2007.

Zhang, Y., Wang, H., Li, J., Jimenez, D.A., Levitan, E.S., Aizenman, E. and Rosenberg, P.A. Peroxynitrite-induced neuronal apoptosis is mediated by intracellular zinc release and 12-lipoxygenase activation. J Neurosci. Nov 24;24(47): 10616-27, 2004.