Christin Glorioso, Ph.D.

Graduated: August, 2010
Mentor: Dr. Etienne Sibille
Thesis: Between destiny and disease: genetics and molecular pathways of CNS aging
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow MIT, Cambridge, MA
Prior Degree: BS University of Michigan (2002)


Glorioso, C., Sabatini, M., Unger, T., Hashimoto, T., Monteggia, L., Lewis, D. and Mirnics, K. Specificity and timing of neocortical transcriptome changes in response to BDNF gene ablation during embryogenesis or adulthood, Mol Psychiatry,Jul;11(7): 633-48, 2006.

E. Sibille, J. Su, S. Leman, A.M. Le Guisquet, Y. Ibarguen-Vargas, J. Joeyen-Waldorf, C. Glorioso, G.C. Tseng, M. Pezzone, R Hen, and C. Belzung. Lack of serotonin1B receptor expression leads to age-related motor dysfunction, early onset of brain molecular aging and reduced longevity. Mol Psychiatry. Nov;12(11): 1042-56, 975, 2007.