Beth Siegler Retchless, Ph.D.

Graduated: December, 2010
Mentor: Dr. Jon Johnson
Thesis: Mechanistic bases of subtype-specific NMDA receptor channel properties
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh
Prior Degree: BS Brown University (1999)


Gielen, M., Siegler Retchless, B., Mony, L., Johnson, J. W., Paoletti, P. Mechanism of differential control of NMDA receptor activity by NR2 subunits. Nature, 459(7247):703-7, 2009.

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Siegler, B.A., Ritchey, M. and Rubin, J. Spike-timing dependent plasticity as a mechanism for ocular dominance shift. Neurocomputing 65-66: 181-88, 2005.