Lesley Colgan, Ph.D.

Graduated: April 2009
Mentor: Dr. Edwin Levitan
Thesis: Trafficking and activity dependent function of vesicular transporters
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Prior Degree: BS Yale University (2002)


Colgan, L., Liu, H., Huang, S. and Liu, Y.J. Dileucine motif is sufficient for internalization and synaptic vesicle targeting of vesicular acetylcholine transporter. Traffic. 8: 512-522, 2007.

Smith, R., Chung, H., Rundquist, S., Maat-Schieman, M.L., Colgan, L., Englund, E., Liu, Y.J., Roos, R.A., Faull, R.L., Brundin, P. and Li, J.I. Cholinergic neuronal defect without cell loss in Huntington'd disease. Hum Mol Genet. Nov 1: 15(21): 3119-31, 2006.

Zhang, L.M., Liu, Y.J., Wang, W.Z. and Colgan, L. Expression of endogenous dopamine toxicity induced by human tyrosine hydroxylase in mouse pituitary tumor cells. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation 9(25): 58-60, 2005.