Patryk A. Laurent, Ph.D.

Graduated: April, 2010
Mentor: Dr. Erik Reichle
Thesis: Basal ganglia involvement in the reinforcement learning of physical and cognitive actions
Current Position: Scientist Brain Corporation, San Diego, CA
Prior Degree: BA University of Virginia (2001)


Laurent, P. A. The emergence of saliency and novelty responses from reinforcement learning principles. Neural Networks (2008), doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2008.09.004.

Reichle, E.D., Vanyukov, P., Laurent, P.A. and Warren, T. Serial or parallel? Using depth-of-processing to examine attention allocation during reading. Vision Research, 48: 1831-1836, 2008.

Reichle, E.D. and Laurent, P.A. Using reinforcement learning to understand the emergence of "Intelligent" eye movement behavior during reading. Psychological Review, 113: 390-408, 2006.