Michael J. Sabatini, Ph.D.

Graduated: August, 2006
Mentor: Dr. Karoly Mirnics
Thesis: Behavioral and Gene Expression Changes Following Early Social Bond Disruption in the Rhesus Monkey
Current Position: Cardiology Fellow University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Prior Degree: Ph.D. Penn State University (1995)


Glorioso, C., Sabatini, M., Unger, T., Hashimoto, T., Monteggia, L., Lewis, D. and Mirnics, K. Specificity and timing of neocortical transcriptome changes in response to BDNF gene ablation during embryogenesis or adulthood, Mol Psychiatry,Jul;11(7): 633-48, 2006.

Sabatini, M.J., Ebert, P., Lewis, D.L., Levitt, P., Cameron, J.L., and Mirnics, K. Amygdala gene expression correlates of social behavior in monkeys experiencing maternal separation. J. Neuroscience 27: 3295-3304, 2007.