Aura F. Ene, Ph.D.

Graduated: December, 2003
Mentor: Dr. Karl Kandler
Thesis: Cellular mechanisms underlying glutamatergic calcium responses in developing auditory brainstem neurons.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow Urogenix, Inc., Durham, NC
Prior Degree: BA University of Bucharest, Romania (1996)


Ene, F.A., Kullmann, P.H.M., Gillespie, D.C. and Kandler, K. Glutamatergic calcium responses in the developing lateral superior olive: Receptor types and their specific activation by synaptic activity patterns. J. Neurophys. 90: 2581-2591, 2003.

Kandler, K., Kullmann, P.H.M., Ene, F.A. and Kim, G. Excitatory action of an immature glycinergic/ GABAergic sound localization pathway, Physiol&Behav. 77: 583-587, 2002.

Kullmann, P.H.M., Ene, F. A. and Kandler, K. Glycinergic and GABAergic calcium responses in the developing lateral superior olive. Europ. J. Neurosci. 15: 1093-1104, 2002.