CNUP: Center for Neuroscience

CNUP Annual Retreat

19th Annual CNUP Retreat

September 9-11, 2005

Oglebay Resort & Conference Center

Wheeling, WV


Donald W. Hilgemann, Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology, Roy & Christine Sturgis Chair in Biomedical Research,

University of Texas

    Control of Membrane Transport by Phosphoinositide Metabolism


Catherine E. Krull, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan

     Out on a Limb:  Axon Guidance in the Periphery


John H. Krystal, M.D.

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

     GABA Deficits, Psychosis, and Cognitive Impairments: 

     Possible Implications for Schizophrenia


Jeffrey S. Mogil, Ph.D.

E. P. Taylor Professor of  Pain Studies,  Canada Research Chair in the Genetics of Pain, Department of Psychology and Centre for Research on Pain, McGill University

     Genetic Mediation of Pain and Pain Inhibition:  From Mice to Molecules